Hidden/Underground Fence Systems


What is an underground dog fence? A hidden fence or radio fence is a 12 to 14 gauge wire buried approximately 3” deep around your property. The dog wears a radio receiver collar that picks up a signal and admits an audible tone that the dog can hear. This warning beep, along with flags, helps to train the dog where to stop. The small radio collar receiver is waterproof and programmable based the dogs weight and temperament. The system is very reliable and most dogs can be left within the containment fence for up to 8 hours without supervision. Savedog trains and tests for 100% containment. Period! Safety and comfort is key. All training is included and consists of 5-8 sessions over 5-7 days on average. Each session lasts 30-60 minutes and can be done with a single trainer or a family member can assist. Savedog spends more time with the training process, to ensure your dog acclimates comfortably to the fence concept.

Equipment: After 15 years of dog fence installation in the Flathead, Savedog has used and installed almost every brand of dog fence equipment. Here are the key questions to ask: Is the collar the appropriate size? Is it programmable? What is the battery cost? Is the collar re-chargeable? What are the bells and whistles, and do they matter? Reliability? Keep in mind, almost all of current dog fence brands are manufactured by one company, "Petsafe." Savedog likes to use the Petsafe brand as well. Batteries can be bought locally for about $5.00 each and last 6-8 months. The collars are programmable,waterproof and have a "low battery" light. Petsafe has some of the lightest collars available. Savedog has installed thousands of transmitters and receiver collars and only uses brands that are reliable, safe and cost effective for our clients dogs.


SaveDog LLC is an independent underground fence installer operating in the Flathead Valley since 2000. Randy Bruckner, Owner/Installer has trained thousands of dogs all over the Flathead Valley. In fact, if you know someone who has had a professional underground fence installed, Savedog probably did it. Randy's proven "Ground a Hound" gentle training method contains dogs in up to 10 acres using audible tones and flags. Approximately eighty percent of SaveDogs business comes from customer referral.

Cost: Commonly, Savedog can contain (1) dog up to (1) acre for $2300 to $2900 including all equipment and training. Additional dogs: collar and training for $300-$425 Comparably (1) acre of chain link fence: $4500-$7500. Savedog is an independent local installer whose goal is to maintain reliable and safe containment for the life of you your dog. This is Savedogs promise. Call Savedog first. Free Estimates: 406.249.3143